Juan-ah-Laff produces Television Shows such as
"Psycho-Comic Solutions" and "Laff it off with Grace",
both shows have aired nationally on cable in
Los Angeles, Chicago, New Orleans,New York,
Reno and selected cities in Wisconsin, Minnesota
and Illinois.  "Laff it off with Grace" is a talk show created
and hosted by comedian Grace Fraga featuring stand-up 
comedy, music, magic and celebrity guests such as 
Emmy-award winner Cristina Perez (Judge Cristina),
Emmy-award winner Anne Beatts(Saturday Night Live) 
and actor Allan Rich.  We produced 98 episodes of this
show and re runs still air in the Los Angeles area.

We recently got a development deal from PBS and produced
a pilot titled "The ART of Storytelling" hosted by Grace Fraga. 


Grace Fraga hosts The ART of Storytelling" on PBS.


Grace with celebrity guest Emmy award winner Cristina Perez from "Judge Cristina" 


Reality Talk episode Panel with comics

Grace hosts a panel of comedians who discuss Reality Shows


Comedian Grace Fraga and best-selling author & motivational speaker Chris Linnares created and co wrote this show.

Now Airing

"Laff it off wth Grace" reruns are now airing on channel LA36.

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